Shihadeh Innovation Center

John Kerr Elementary School in Winchester will soon become the Emil and Grace Shihadeh Innovation Center, whose goal will be to train youth and adults to meet the demands of the regional job market.

Shockey is overseeing construction to transform the former elementary school into a 46,400 SF career and technical education (CTE) center that will house three academies — Health Sciences, Advanced Technologies, and Professional Skills. Each academy will have simulated vocational experiences; students will practice job skills such as time management, communication, and conflict resolution. The new Innovation Center will give students experiences that mirror the “real” working world, equipping them with skills to help them find a job, regardless of whether they go to college.

Non-CTE classes, such as English, will also be offered, which will enable teachers to collaborate across disciplines. Among other features, the building includes space for welding labs, computer tech, medical, anatomy, physical therapy, and cybersecurity.

Renovation began in January, and Shockey is slated to complete renovations by Dec. 1, with the building fully operational in January 2021. U.S. Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) toured the facility in August, stating that he’d seen other CTE centers, but not one as “extensive” as the Shihadeh Innovation Center. *

* Source: Winchester Star

Project Details

  • LOCATION Winchester, VA
  • OWNER Winchester City Schools
  • ARCHITECT VMDO Architects
  • SIZE 46,400 SF
  • OUR ROLE Construction Manager

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