Excellent Safety Record

Our company maintains an excellent safety record, with full-time safety supervision and direct job site programs. We continually focus on education and accident prevention.

Shockey’s well-established safety program contributes to safe and healthy job site environments and a safe, healthy and respectful workplace. The policies and procedures we follow are intended to assist employees in minimizing the risks inherent in the type of work required during the building process.

With an established culture of safety awareness among all employees, Shockey has twice achieved the “Million Hour Safety” milestone for safe job site performance, where 1,000,000 employee hours were worked without a lost-time injury.

Shockey’s safety performance has been honored as a Platinum Level by the Associated Building Contractors of America. Additionally, Shockey is ranked among the safest contractors in our industry as measured by the Experience Modification Rate (EMR).


Shockey has always been committed to the safety of its employees, as well as the safety of all of its subcontractors on site. Safety is always first here, and we always strive to keep everyone motivated to work as safely as they can.” – Thomas Aldstadt,
Director of Safety, The Shockey Companies