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The Shockey team’s innovative construction solutions and hands-on building approach add certainty to cost and schedule — and control over the details of your project, big or small.

Our portfolio includes community centers and arenas where people can convene and connect. We thrive on working with municipal and government clients to deliver well-planned, award-winning spaces — and we make the most of every tax dollar spent.

We have built everything from police training complexes and courthouses to juvenile detention centers and maximum security prisons. Our team has a wide resumé of new construction successes and renovations that vary in size and scope.

Shockey builds flexible, cost-effective and collaborative recreation projects, as well as highly-specialized criminal justice space. With decades of correctional construction experience, we understand the vital importance of security, inmate management/transfer, and facility efficiency and functionality.

Our commitment doesn’t stop after your project is completed. Shockey will be here to support you for the life cycle of your facility.

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