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Manassas Park Recreation Facility

The Manassas Park Community Center was delivered through a public-private partnership (P3) procurement process. The recreation center includes an indoor aquatic center and enough space to eventually expand revenue-generating programs from the initial level of 300 participants to 1,500 members.

The P3 process provide an alternative project delivery system in which private sector expertise and capital can be delivered to a public sector owner.

Shockey has helped counties, towns, cities, and school boards streamline the use of their resources and energies. In the past few years, our experts have helped put into place 13 much-needed but underfunded public-private projects in the Commonwealth.

Project Details

  • LOCATION Manassas Park, VA
  • OWNER City of Manassas Park
  • SIZE79,280 SF
  • OUR ROLE Design-Build, P3 Services

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