A Shockey project, no matter the market sector, is built well — to last for decades.

Our Museum + Cultural portfolio includes museums, community centers, and arenas where people can convene and connect. We thrive on working cultural clients to deliver well-planned, award-winning spaces that make it easier for people of all ages to live, work, shop, and play — and we make the best of every tax dollar spent.

As budgets tighten, Historic Renovation and additions are becoming viable solutions for many construction projects. Shockey frequently focuses on performing upgrades that improve the long-term sustainability of existing buildings. Our team of experts has wide and varied experience with the historic tax credit process and adaptive reuse.

Over the years, Shockey has also been actively involved behind the scenes in advancing the goals of many Faith-based organizations. We have a clear understanding of budget, scope, and scheduling issues that may concern you, and our team works directly with your decision makers to provide assistance and guidance. The results are inspirational works, designed and built to the highest professional standards.

A well-functioning, user-friendly Parking + Transit facility is often crucial to a business or institution’s success. Shockey has built and managed the construction of a number of distinctive regional and national award-winning mass transit spaces and parking facilities, often using innovative precast concrete solutions to save time and money.  It’s our pleasure to help people travel and arrive safely, efficiently and comfortably.

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