Holy Cross Abbey

Shockey’s renovations on the church at Our Lady of the Holy Cross Abbey, a Roman Catholic monastery, enhanced the structure’s interior beauty. Now the church also better accommodates its guests and those who worship there.

By Design Concepts, the redesign maintains the Cistercian ideal of simplicity and beauty while also preserving a degree of separation between guests and the cloistered monks. The windows are considerably larger, bringing in much-needed light.

During the renovation, workers discovered a mysterious stained-glass window behind shutters, above the entrance. Even though such a window is not in keeping with the monks’ austere lifestyle, they decided to have it restored and keep it uncovered.

The monks follow a faith and a way of life that is primarily unchanged, including their roles as stewards of the land. In order to care for the property, they lease some of the church’s 1200 acres to farmers, manage a green cemetery, host retreats, and make creamed honey, fruitcake, and truffles to sell in the church’s gift shop and online.

Project Details

  • LOCATION Berryville, VA
  • OWNER Abbey of Our Lady of the Holy Cross
  • ARCHITECT Design Concepts
  • SIZE 2,712 SF
  • OUR ROLE General Contractor
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