Today’s owners, developers, and designers face the challenge of rising to ever-changing demands for facilities that are healthy, accessible, secure, and productive — but that also minimize negative effects on the environment, the economy, and society. It’s a tall order, but Shockey can help you meet it.

Shockey builds buildings to last and has risen to the green challenge time and again. The durability of our structures is perhaps one of the greatest contributions to their sustainability. When we build for continued adaptation — in lieu of replacement or demolition — we effectively conserve countless energy expense and material resources.

From material sourcing and waste diversion and management to site stewardship and energy efficiency, Shockey also knows how to build lean and green from the ground up. Our LEED® Accredited Professionals and ENERGY STAR experts are available to assist in tailoring sustainable building technologies to your project’s goals, whether a new structure or a renovation.