Sustainability | VDC | BIM

Today’s owners, developers, and designers face the challenge of rising to ever-changing demands for healthy, accessible, secure, and productive facilities — but ones which also minimize negative effects on the environment, economy, and society. Shockey has risen to the green challenge time and again.

Our LEED® Accredited Professionals and ENERGY STAR experts tailor sustainable building technologies to your project’s goals, whether a new structure or a renovation. Even more, our experienced in-house Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) team can also provide faster project delivery schedules and added value.

The durability of our structures is perhaps one of the greatest contributions to their sustainability. When Shockey builds for continued adaptation — in lieu of replacement or demolition — we effectively conserve countless energy expense and material resources.

Because it helps to increase communication and productivity, VDC’s advanced technology is best used from the initial project planning phase. Our VDC experts use digital tools to create virtual models of buildings and collaborate with our operations team, designers, clients, and subcontractors, facilitating all the practical applications of Building Information Modeling (BIM).

When our VDC team thoroughly evaluates digital models before ground is even broken, it allows us to optimize the way a project is built and improve processes throughout the project’s lifespan. We can discuss construction challenges and find solutions, and the real-time feedback is integral in prepping a project for success. The technology and digital documentation create more efficient schedules and processes, ultimately resulting in lower costs for our clients.

Two Shockey-built projects for Loudoun County Public Schools were recently nationally recognized by the EPA for leadership in environmental design, achieving ENERGY STAR certification, and adopting higher energy-efficient decarbonization strategies to move the next generation of buildings to zero carbon.

T. Tyler Potterfield Bridge: Project of the Year Award.
Elaine E. Thompson ES: Best Project, ENERGY STAR Challenge.
GRTC Bus Maintenance: Best of the Best.
Lightridge High School.
WMH Medical Office Building.
RSW Regional Jail: LEED® Silver Certified.
HDPT: Pursuing LEED® Silver.
TVAR Glenmere: NGBS Green Certified, Bronze.
Martin Luther King MS: LEED® Silver Certified.
War Memorial Hospital: LEED® Silver Certified.
Tuscarora HS: Project Leadership Silver Award.
Hampshire Memorial Hospital: LEED® Silver Certified.
In construction: River City Middle School.
Richmond DPW: LEED® Silver Certified.
Tuscarora HS: Environmental Preservation Award Winner.
GRTC Transit Center: LEED® Silver Certified.
Waxpool Elementary School.
Hovatter Elementary School: national ENERGY STAR award winner.