Manassas Park Recreation Facility

Public-Private Partnerships (P3) provide an alternative project delivery system in which private sector expertise and capital can be delivered to a public sector owner.

The Manassas Park Community Center was delivered through a P3 procurement process. It includes an indoor aquatic center and enough space to eventually expand revenue-generating programs from the initial level of 300 participants to 1,500 members.

Experts on the Shockey team have put in place 13 much-needed but underfunded public-private projects in the Commonwealth. Shockey has helped counties, towns, cities, and school boards alike streamline the use of their resources and energies.

Project Details

  • LOCATION Manassas Park, VA
  • OWNER City of Manassas Park
  • SIZE79,280 SF
  • OUR ROLE Design-Build, P3 Services

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