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Harrisonburg Transit Center

The original building for Harrisonburg Department of Public Transportation (HDPT) was built in 1983. After expanding at least four times, HDPT decided to move all of its operations into a much bigger structure next door.

The resulting municipal project that Shockey built includes a concrete and metal panel operations headquarters and a maintenance facility complete with service bays, fueling station, wash bays and storage area for a 600-vehicle fleet — which includes city buses, public school buses, fire trucks, police cars, snow plows, parks and recreation vehicles, and buses that serve James Madison University. Pursuing LEED® Silver Certification.

Project Details

  • LOCATION Harrisonburg, VA
  • OWNER Harrisonburg Department of Public Transportation
  • SIZE 50,000 SF
  • OUR ROLE Preconstruction, Design-Build, P3 Services, LEED® Services
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