The Value and Opportunity of Design-Build

The design-build process is expected to deliver almost half of U.S. projects by 2021. *

When a design-build team works in partnership, it ensures that a project’s “build-ability” can be part of the design process from day one.

A design build project team is positioned to control costs through the design and construction phases of the work, which results in significant cost savings and faster speed-to-market for the owner.

“From a value standpoint, we believe design-build partnerships get the job done better and faster. Our design partners make design decisions with real-time feedback on costs. Owners see fewer change orders, gain an accelerated construction schedule, and lock in a guaranteed maximum price.” – Jeff Boehm, President of Howard Shockey & Sons, Inc.

When a design-build team is working collaboratively, the architect and builder partners are better able to influence and optimize the architectural design and materials decisions, and identify the best construction solutions.

Integrating BIM into the design-build process

The best time to target project efficiency is while the design is still evolving, before construction has begun. Harnessing the power of the Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflow is ideal in this situation because BIM digitally illustrates the impact of real-time changes to the design plans. Using BIM, the design-build team creates not only a three-dimensional representation of the design, but also the ability to quickly and reliably calculate each design option’s impact on schedule, cost, and constructability.

How soon is too soon to get started?

Shockey recommends an early alliance for best results, and maintains a team of preconstruction specialists who are ready to evaluate design options and construction solutions for a wide range of project types, both new construction and renovation.

Shockey is your proven design-build partner

Over many decades, Shockey has brought its Partner of Choice philosophy to design-build projects throughout its geographic and market sectors. These partnerships have evolved into relationships of trust and confidence, with all parties secure in the knowledge that any decisions made will be those that are best for the project. Opinions, regardless of source, are given equal weight as the best approach is determined. There is no control issue to be overcome – we win as a team.

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* Source: Fails Management Institute (FMI) Research

Photo: Harrisonburg Department of Transportation, Harrisonburg, VA