Best Practices For Expansion of Senior Living Communities

Here are six tips for successfully negotiating the obstacles associated with expanding and renovating occupied senior housing facilities.

  • Play it safe. The primary consideration during renovation and construction is always the safety of residents, staff, and workers.
  • Share the news. Residents are naturally interested in construction activities, and — when residents are involved with planning — an environment of trust and increased safety is established. Throughout a project, our team holds “Town Hall” meetings to answer questions from residents and staff.
  • Control the noise and minimize inconvenience. When working in an occupied facility, a lot of cooperation and planning is involved. We’ll see that noise, vibration, and dust are controlled to every extent possible.
  • Set up infection barriers. We understand that there are some aspects of building for occupied senior facilities that go beyond those of a typical construction project. Throughout construction, our team will maintain tight management of a network of staff and subcontractors, to control potential hazards.
  • Stay abreast of schedules. What is the typical morning and afternoon activity schedule for residents? Flexible construction schedules can help residents avoid noise, dust, and other inconveniences, so we plan our phases in coordination with the owner and our subcontractors to create the safest, most efficient schedule possible.
  • Make it beautiful. Today’s seniors are discriminating — they want everything from solid surface countertops to the latest appliances, and from active lifestyle amenities like coffee bars and spas, as well as beautiful campuses.

Working with a trusted, proven construction partner can help mitigate disruption for residents, resulting in a smoother makeover.

When Shockey is brought in early in your planning process, we can help walk you through design options and construction techniques that best meet your needs, budget, and schedule. We have a dedicated pre-construction team to help with planning the next phase of your senior housing renovation and expansion.