Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings Can Offer Advantages

If you are considering building a new industrial facility, warehouse, or distribution center, you may want to consider pre engineered metal buildings (PEMB) as one of your options.

As contractors with a core specialty in industrial projects, Shockey’s project managers can quickly work through your facility program to determine if a PEMB might be a good fit with your business needs.

In doing so, they’ll compare PEMB to tilt-wall, precast concrete, and structural steel – all systems with which Shockey has a wealth of experience.

Some advantages of PEMBs include:

  • Quick design, fabrication, and construction times
  • Excellent durability
  • Large column-free enclosures
  • Affordable costs
  • Minimal construction waste
  • High-performance thermal properties
  • Affordable operating costs

And that’s not all. Did you know that a metal building can qualify for project LEED points? Shockey’s metal building partner, Nucor®, is the largest steel recycler in North America. The average amount of recycled steel used in Nucor® products is over 80%.

PEMBs can be simple utilitarian structures, or they can integrate a more aesthetic appeal, especially when clad with materials such as masonry, glass, or concrete.

They can even be used in conjunction with a variety of structural materials to provide a hard-shell wainscoting in areas that might be damaged by equipment or trucks.

To discuss whether a PEMB might be right for your next project, please give Jennifer Macks a call at 540-723-4128.