Q & A with Jeff Mohn, Director of Partner Services

As Director of Partner Services, Jeff streamlines all phases of work on the company’s smaller, more urgent construction projects. After Shockey has completed a building project, Jeff’s dedicated Partner Services team fulfills ongoing tenant improvement, building upgrades, and other construction needs as they arise, while also taking on select new building projects.

We asked Jeff to share his thoughts on why Partner Services is the right-sized team for the right-sized project.

Why is Shockey introducing Partner Services, and what advantages will it bring to Shockey’s existing (and new) clients?

Shockey has always been proud to be The Partner of Choice. With Partner Services, our goal is to make sure we can continue to be a partner to our clients, as well as our industry partners, throughout the life of their buildings and businesses. For our existing clients, we are well prepared to jump in where we left off after turning over completed projects. Our new clients can look forward to having a team available to help them with any size project as their building needs change over time.

What kinds of projects are best suited for Partner Services?

Interior renovations, simple building additions, pre-engineered metal buildings, small concrete projects, and general repairs are all items we perform on a regular basis. Our team has grown accustomed to helping build a scope and a plan around a client’s needs and ideas, usually without any drawings to work from. With a tradition of self-performing work, and a current upward trend in the amount of work we are self-performing, we are able to do some of that work in house, too.

What is your background?

I have worked on a wide range of project types in my career: tenant improvements, manufacturing, warehousing, healthcare, senior living, K-12 schools, higher education, office, retail, environmental, and the list goes on. I studied structural engineering in college, but once I got an internship in construction I was hooked – I’ve been in the construction industry ever since. With an engineering mindset I have taken a different approach to my jobs, and that has allowed us to streamline how we operate.

As the Director of Partner Services, you oversee a wide range of fast-paced projects that are constantly starting and ending. How does your team get it all done?

One key advantage to working with the Partner Services team is that, typically, the person you initially meet from Shockey performs the estimate, manages the construction, and oversees the project through completion and beyond. By having a continuous point of contact we simplify the lines of communication with our clients to give a seamless experience throughout the project. In order to accomplish this we have a team of Shockey employees dedicated to Partner Services projects, while also having the entire Howard Shockey & Sons, Inc. team to rely on for additional support if needed.

What is most rewarding about tenant improvement projects?

Sometimes we are renovating an existing space to work better for the client’s changing business needs. Other times we are helping a business that’s new to the area move into a shell space. But every time we are involved in a tenant improvement, we get to be a part of making our client’s space their own to fit their business’s needs – and that’s rewarding.

What do you enjoy most about working with Shockey?

In short: our partners. Whether that’s our clients, our industry partners, or our internal Shockey team, I love that I get to be a part of forming and fostering long-term relationships in the communities we serve. We get to do the work we enjoy doing with people we are proud to call our partners — and build projects that have successful outcomes for all of our partners.