Empty Vessels Make the Most Noise

On noise.

The ubiquitous buzzwords and jargon flying around online and in the office these days might be enough to make you cringe. Us, too.

Catch phrases like “move the needle,” “I have an ask,” and “deep dive” get thrown around like frisbees.  I hear you.

We live in interesting times. We have more connections but feel less connected. We have more choices but less clarity. We have more technology, yet somehow, we have less time.

In spite of today’s global turmoil, it can be a good idea to step back from the news cycle and constant social media barrage. In the face of perpetual messaging and noise, how do we know what and who to trust? At Shockey, we believe it starts with the right questions. What are our values? And what do we value?

We’ve spent the last 125+ years asking ourselves these questions and have built our company based on the answers.

At Shockey, we don’t just build structures, we build and develop sincere, down-to-earth, lasting relationships. We value these relationships. We value teammates of incredible talent and integrity. We value great design and top quality. We definitely value time, because it takes time to cultivate real relationships and to build things that last.

And we value trust: trust that we’ve been earning for well over a century. We bring expertise, experience, and peace of mind to every building project. Our many repeat clients are a testament to our doing what we say we’ll do — and being a true partner.

From day one, our team becomes your team. Forget about the jockeying between owner and builder, or designer and owner’s rep. There is only us, working together with youas one team. 

We always work with our clients’ needs in mind. We have time for you. To listen to you. To build your trust.

When you choose us as your construction partner, you can believe that we will be your ally every step of the way, ensuring your project is a success.

Our company’s solid values lay the foundation that allows our clients to rest easy, knowing they are in capable hands. These values haven’t changed since 1896 (even though building techniques and most everything else in the world have).

As our firm has grown over the last century and continues to expand even now with a significant base of projects across three states, one thing remains constant. It’s pretty simple. At the end of the day, being the Partner of Choice® is what comes first.

We strive to live it. Every day. We value working with you and being your partner. And we always hope to have some fun and build lasting friendships at the same time.

P.S. “Ping us” when you get this message. Just kidding.  😉