Shockey Expands Group of Nationally Certified Safety Training Supervisors

Howard Shockey & Sons, Inc. promotes safety training and safety awareness on all projects, and is pleased to announce that Steven Utterback, Donnie Werdebaugh, Anthony Albright, J. P. Bousquet and Jack Rohrbaugh have completed the requirements for national certification as a Safety Trained Supervisor (STS.) This is the second class of certified STS accredited professionals; seven others were certified in 2009.rnrnThe Council on Certification of Health, Environmental and Safety Technologists awards the certification to individuals who meet rigorous experience and education requirements, including passing a comprehensive written exam. The written exam covers the body of knowledge supervisors must have to carry out their safety-related supervisory responsibilities and includes subjects such as hazard recognition and analysis, personal protective equipment, regulatory compliance and incident investigation. rnrnThose who earn the STS certification are recognized as having met the demanding, peer-established competency requirements in supervision. “The STS certification provides a means for our clients to further verify our project managers’ safety knowledge and out company’s commitment to job-site safety