Consider working with Shockey’s in-house Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) experts if you’re looking for a faster project delivery schedule and added value. Because it helps to increase communication and productivity, this advanced technology is best used from the initial project planning phase.

VDC uses digital tools to create virtual models of buildings. Our VDC team collaborates with our operations team, designers, clients, and subcontractors, facilitating all the practical applications of Building Information Modeling (BIM) during projects.

Our VDC team thoroughly evaluates digital models before ground is broken, allowing us to optimize the way a project is built and improving processes throughout the project’s lifespan. We are able to discuss construction challenges and find solutions, and the real-time feedback is integral in prepping a project for success. The technology and digital documentation create more efficient schedules and construction processes, which ultimately results in lower costs for our clients.

Glenmere Expansion at TVAR.
In construction: River City Middle School.
Waxpool Elementary School.
Ground-level helipad at SMH.
In construction: Lightridge High School.
SMH ED Expansion.